Rehabilitation Diary

Our brand new Rehabilitation Diary is designed to help you plan and track your horse’s recovery from injury, lameness or illness over a six month period.

Anyone who has had a horse with long-term injury or lameness will know that what often begins as a seemingly simple problem can mushroom into a complex jigsaw of care which may include not only veterinary treatment, but many complementary treatments such as physiotherapy and remedial farriery, as well as specialised feeding and management. Sometimes the sheer amount of information can feel overwhelming, and it can be hard to keep track of everything - past and future! 

This diary is designed to help with this process by allowing you to track the treatment your horse has had, his recovery progress and organise your appointments and insurance details all in one place. 

Your diary is divided into three sections: 

1. Clinical Notes: designed as an overall summary of treatment to record all the investigations and treatment your horse has undergone, including veterinary care, complementary therapy, remedial farriery and any feed or specific management requirements. 

2. Rehab Planner & Progress Tracker: space to allow you to go into greater detail on your horse’s progress. Divided into six monthly blocks, this section lets you plan ahead with the monthly appointment diary and activity planner, and to make notes on your horse’s progress and daily activity using the week-to-page diary. The weeks can be  numbered to help you if you are following a long-term rehabilitation programme. A ‘progress update’ section at the end of each month helps you track your horse’s long term progress, record any general observations or anything you changed, or can be used to create a photographic record. (NB. This is the only section limited to 6 months (the clinical and insurance sections will last much longer) so is designed to be started once your horse is ready to begin ridden exercise once again.)

3. Insurance: designed to keep track of your insurance claims, invoices and any contact with your insurance provider. 

Please note this diary is not date specific so it can be started at any time of the year. 



There is a personalisable version of this log book: Personalised Rehabilitation Diary

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